What’s Old is New–Why Grandma’s Quilting Patterns Are Hip Again

There is a definite trend moving toward vintage reproductions in the fashion and home design industries. As people are searching to connect with their roots, this movement toward the old is reflected in the popular choices of styles, fabrics, and design lines. The quilting world is no exception, as Grandma’s quilting patterns are hip again. Our fine assortment of vintage free quilt patterns create beautiful pieces to keep or share. Displaying classic charm and timeless beauty, these time-honored patterns are perfect for your next project.  

 Vintage Free Quilt Patterns

 A popular traditional pattern, Going in Circles, is a perfect first step in the vintage reproduction direction. Its pretty circles pair perfectly with an old-fashioned type of fabric, nodding to days past. This original vintage free quilt pattern will create utilitarian coasters to pass down for many generations.                                                     

going in circles


Pair the traditional Dresden Star quilt pattern with contemporary fabric designs and colors. This vintage free quilt pattern marries old with modern, creating a perfect hybrid style that is reminiscent of yesterday, while looking for sunny skies ahead. The quaint hearts dance around pinwheel patterns, crafting a pleasant quilt that will add love to any space.Dresden Star

           Click the image to download the Pattern

For another unique project, design your own vintage-inspired appliqués with the help of Free Quilting. Draw inspiration from a family heirloom or a special purchase from an estate sale or antique store. Using details from your favorite vintage piece, sketch a one-of-a-kind appliqué. Nothing is more satisfying than creating your own design for a loved one or for yourself.

 Use vintage free quilt patterns for stunning quilt projects that will bring snippets of the past into your home.  


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