Five Tips for Mixing Smooth and Textured Quilting Yarns and Fabrics

You’ve found the perfect quilt project pattern, but want to add a little spice to it? Whether you’re making a baby blanket for the newest member of your family or creating an instant heirloom with a beautifully quilted wall hanging, mixing smooth and textured yarns and fabrics is a perfect way to add a little spunk to your latest creation. Here are five tips you must know to ensure your latest treasure doesn’t turn into a hodge-podge disaster!

Keep it Simple

Textured yarn can make a striking statement. Take, for example, the Crystal Palace Gold Rush collection, with its vibrant colors and sparkly tint, perfect for a pre-teen creation. While this yarn features beautiful transitional color patterns, it’s best used in moderation, sticking to one color palate to avoid a busy feeling.

Crystal Palace Gold Rush Amethyst
Crystal Palace Gold Rush

Find the Perfect Pattern

Not all patterns are suitable for a mixture of textiles. Our collection of beginner quilt patterns, home décor patterns, and even low-sew patterns offer a variety of basic designs. When mixing textiles, select a simple, low-detail pattern to avoid an overpowering feeling when looking at the finished product.

Consider Your Audience

Are you making a baby blanket for your new niece? Consider a softer blend, such as 100 percent cotton for that warm, snuggly feeling.

Lizbeth Size 3 Thread 100 Percent Egyptian Cotton

Looking for a warmer yarn for a winter knit? Perhaps a yarn from our wool and wool blend collection is more suitable for your project.

Make it Easy on Yourself

Sometimes the stress of finding the perfect materials for your next project can be daunting. Ease the burden of the prep work by selecting a precut fabric. Available in many textiles, colors, and designs, precut fabric is an easy solution to your decision-making step.

Miss Kate Flannels Fat Quarters - 20/pkg.
Precut Fabric

Test a Low-Sew Pattern

Sometimes the perfect textured material speaks for itself. If you’ve found a beautiful textured fabric that requires little additional primping to make it stand out, consider a low-sew pattern to whip up a beautiful quilted treasure. After all, at the end of the day, the most important thing is to have fun while creating the perfect quilt that displays your unique creativity.

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