Five Tips for Teaching Children How to Quilt Simple Free Patterns

Quilting is an art you will treasure for a lifetime. This fall, share your passion for quilting with the children in your life. Regardless of their ages, there are different levels of involvement for every child, so it’s never too early to start. Consider these five useful tips to start the learning process today.

Start Slow

Most children won’t be able to pick up the art of quilting in one sitting, and that’s okay. After all, it’s probably taken you years to master your skillset! Consider introducing them to quilting by picking a beginner’s pattern for you to work on with their help. Allow them to assist at the interest level they select, even if it’s just observing.

Pick a Pattern That Piques Their Interest

Little ones will be more apt to pick up the art of quilting if they are working on a project that interests them. Consider a youth-based pattern, such as the Color Your World Gift Bag Pattern or a quilted toy pattern.

Color Your World Gift Bag Pattern
Quilted Toy Patterns

Find an Easy Pattern

When you are ready to have them take a more active role in the process, pick an easy-start pattern for beginners. It’s important that the child does not get frustrated with the project, and constant praise is a definite way to ensure success!

Make Them Feel Important

Quilting can provide children with the same satisfaction it provides adults. If you are quilting for a new baby in your life, involve your child in the project, and allow him or her to present the gift. Perhaps you are looking to update your home décor with a beautiful new wall hanging quilt. Your child’s assistance will be a point of pride for the youngster in your home.

Pastel Hearts Baby Quilt
Involve your child in gift making projects.

Have Fun

At the end of the day, quilting should be an activity you and your children can enjoy together for years to come. Encourage their love for quilting by demonstrating your passion in a positive light. Proudly display your latest creations around your home, and encourage them to do the same. After a little time and dedication, your children will develop a love for quilting and a lifetime of memories spent on a hobby with you.

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