Traditional Christmas Fabrics and Your Decorative Quilting Patterns

Decorative quilting patterns for Christmas are fun ways to highlight your favorite Christmas fabrics. A traditional background can enhance the images appliqued over it. All of the patterns in the Blizzard Flannel Fat Quarters will bring out the holiday spirit in any of your decorative holiday quilts. When you combine patterns you can create unique decorations you can be proud of every time you look at them.

Pair Patterns in Your Holiday Decorations

Even the most basic holiday patterns can become treasured heirlooms when they use traditional holiday patterns that bring a timeless look to a quilt. The Easy Mariner’s Compass looks complex, but it is a simple pattern that allows you a lot of opportunity to choose your favorite pattern combinations in bringing the design to life. No matter the patterns you choose, this decorative quilt will bring cheer to any holiday table.

Decorative Quilts for Christmas Make Fun Holiday GiftsSmall decorative quilting patterns can bring a unique flair to your house every holiday season. They also make fun projects to give away as gifts to your family and other loved ones. The Mini Stockings will look adorable as tree ornaments or they can become gift bags for your small holiday gifts. You can make these stockings fit into any décor based on the pattern of the background material. The applique shapes will stand out even more if they are made with a solid fabric to contrast against your favorite holiday pattern.

Wear Your Favorite Holiday Patterns

The holiday season involves a lot of time spent cooking and baking. Why not bring your favorite holiday patterns into the kitchen? The Country Christmas Kitchen Set welcomes your favorite holiday fabrics and quilting abilities into a busy kitchen. This set would also make a very thoughtful gift for anyone you know who loves to spend time in the kitchen. It can be created to fit any chef’s personal style depending on the patterns you use for the quilted areas.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Your Favorite Holiday Patterns

No matter which Decorative Christmas Quilt you pick to decorate your home you can bring in extra details based on the fabric pattern you choose. A well-constructed quilt can become a timeless heirloom when it uses high quality materials and patterns to highlight your quilting skills.

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