Simple Quilts to Make During Vacation

School may be out for the holidays, but that only means you have free time to practice your quilting skills. Simple Quilt Patterns are perfect for when you have a short period of time to finish a project. If you are an experienced quilter, a simple quilt can be finished in a week. Even if you are new to quilting a simple quilt pattern can help you develop your quilting skills without overwhelming you with a large project.

Vacations are the Perfect Time to Make Simple Quilts

Winter break may mean time away from school but it can be a busy time with holiday festivities. Simple quilts often don’t require long pieces of material, which makes them easy to carry around with you. The Make Mine Plaid Table Runner is a simple quilt that if it’s made with Christmas colors can be used to decorate your holiday table. Or if you choose to use your favorite colors, the table runner can be used all year.

Simple Quilt Patterns Don’t Have to be Small

Throughout the cold winter days of winter break you may want to make yourself a full quilt to cuddle up under every night. The Scrap Chain Quilt Pattern is a full size quilt that can be put together easily and finished before school resumes. This quilt pattern is also perfect to make over a winter break because it can help you clean out your scrap collection before New Year’s Day. You can start a new year with plenty of room for new fabrics for your quilting projects.

Stitch a Vacation Together with a Simple Quilt

No matter what size quilt you want to make, simple quilt patterns will give you many ideas for projects that can be completed during a vacation. Being able to complete a quilting project will help you unwind from the pressure of school, as well give you a feeling of accomplishment. When you return to school from your vacation you will have an impressive answer to the question, “What did you do on vacation?”

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