Get Rid of the Scraps – Free Quilting Scraps Ideas

As the year comes to a close it can be a good time to clear out your collection of scrap materials that have built up during a year of quilting. Patterns for scrap quilts are fun ways to use up all your stored scraps of material. Even if you don’t have an extensive scrap collection you can still make a fun scrap quilt with packages of pre-cut fabrics in any pattern or theme you can think of.

Small Projects for Small Pieces of Cloth

Maybe you only have a few scraps hiding with your quilting supplies, or you might have many scraps but all in small pieces. Either way, a small project is the perfect way to use up your supply of scraps. The Flower Magnet message board can help you use your scraps, as well as keep your family organized. When you use your favorite coordinating scraps you can transform a boring metal message board into something fun to use.

Little Pieces of Fabric Can Go a Long Way

If you’re an avid quilter, then your scrap collection could be extensive. That means that you can create large projects without having to purchase many supplies. This Scottie Dog Scrap Baby Quilt is a perfect idea for your quilting scraps. The adorable Scottie dogs can all be cut out of the same material, or if you want a very scrappy look they can be cut from any of your dark colored scraps. This quilt will look adorable in any combination of colors you might have.

Give Away Your Scraps as Cute Quilted Gifts

Quilted home décor looks as if it is both expensive and difficult to make. With quilting scraps patterns nothing could be further from the truth. The Modern Matches pillows look like they belong in an interior decorating magazine, but they can be made easily with any long quilting scraps. You could breathe new life to your favorite chair by adding one of these colorful pillows. They also make thoughtful housewarming gifts because you can easily create a cover to match any color scheme.

There is no shortage of ideas for your quilting scraps. You are only limited by your imagination and scrap collection. Never fear if you find a quilting scraps idea but you don’t have enough coordinating scraps to make it. You can purchase small pieces of coordinating fabrics that will bring any scrap quilt to life.

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