How to Quilt Your Family Tree

Quilting has a long tradition of creating treasured family heirlooms. What better way to create such an heirloom than by making a beautiful applique quilt to showcase your family tree.  Consider these helpful reminders when starting your next treasured heirloom.

A Family Tree Doesn’t Need to be a Tree

Just because you want to show the relationship among family members, doesn’t mean you have to stick to the traditional tree pattern. Consider a nontraditional family lineage pattern, such as the Square of Hearts Pattern. Stitch your family’s surname in the center and fill each heart with a family member’s first name. You’ll be surprised at how many compliments you will get on this modern spin to a traditional classic.

Square of Hearts
Miscellaneous Applique Quilting Patterns

Nontraditional Family Tree Media

Family trees don’t have to be reserved for wall hangings. Consider a nontraditional family tree design, such as a quilted pillow pattern that can be displayed proudly on your family couch. By incorporating your family’s heritage into a household piece that can be used and not just displayed, you will be welcoming the opportunity to share your crafty treasure with many household guests!

Family Quilt for the Little One

Who says babies can’t appreciate a family heirloom? Consider quilting the newest family member his or her very own family tree with a baby-themed quilt. Select a pattern like the below Baby Blocks With Love Quilt Pattern and fill each heart with the name of a member of your family. Your little one will appreciate the bright colors, warmth, and soft texture now and will treasure the family memories down the road.

Baby Blocks With Love Quilt Pattern
Baby Quilt Patterns

Regardless of the pattern you select, quilting family memories never goes out of style. Download a free pattern and get started today!

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