Five Debunked Quilting Myths

Quilting can provide a lifetime of artistic activities that express your creative side while allowing you to make perfect gifts, home décor and more. However, quilting, a long-treasured art, has many myths associated with it. Here are five of the most common myths debunked.

Quilting is for the Elderly

There are a wide-selection of patterns available for quilters of all ages. Modern quilting patterns include vibrant colors and fun designs for even the youngest quilters.

Brown Baggin' It
Modern Quilting Accessories

Quilting is Too Difficult to Learn
The beauty of quilting is that it is a hobby for all skill levels. We offer a selection of beautiful projects, from wall hangings and blankets to accessories and clothing – and all are available for every skillset. Not sure where to begin? Consider a beginner’s pattern with a simple design.

Quilting Takes Too Much Time
Beginner quilt patterns offer the benefit of a DIY project combined with the ease of a quick-finish project. Consider an easy quilt pattern to dive in and complete a project in a quick weekend.

There Are No Modern Quilt Patterns
Vintage is back! Not only do the traditional vintage patterns now grace the covers of chic design magazines, but quilting patterns also have evolved to include modern designs.

Butterfly Bedroom Quilting Pattern
Modern Children’s Quilt Patterns

Quilting Is Too Expensive
There are many quilt patterns that use minimal supplies or even can be created by using remnant supplies from other projects. Be sure to check your left-over supplies to see if you can create a beautiful quilting project with little to no additional expense.

At the end of the day there is no reason why you shouldn’t pick up a quilting project. Quilting is a fun, inexpensive, easy project for crafters of any age. So, download a pattern and get your creative juices flowing!

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