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You’ve admired gorgeous quilts for awhile now, and you’re afraid you may have been bitten by the quilting bug!  If you dream of quilting, why not make the jump and become a quilter?  Quilting is a great hobby and pastime, with finished products that are not only useful, but which also beautifully tell a story or evoke an emotion.  Quilts are great to keep for yourself or to share with others.  Friends and family cherish the gift of a quilt, whether it is for a birth, birthday, special holiday, or wedding.  A quilt is a great way to say a long-lasting “I love you.”

Click Image to Download Free Pattern

Click Image to Download Free Pattern

To get started quilting you should first decide which method of quilting is right for you.  Would you rather machine quilt, hand quilt, or do a combination of both.  The machine quilting versus hand quilting choice is a big one, and each quilter has a preference.


Next, you need a pattern.  Browse our selection of Free Beginner Quilt Patterns for the perfect choice for your first project.  There are a number of gorgeous quilt options, including the Cabin in the Orchard pattern.  This vibrant print is a whimsically off-center Log Cabin Design that will showcase your new skills in style.

cabin in the orchard

Click Image to Download the Free Pattern

In your quilting quest you will need guidance along the way.  Our Quilt Glossary will help sort out the myriad terms associated with quilting.  You may also wish to purchase a guide to quilting, which is a guide to making a quilt from start to finish.


While you are working on a quilt, you may get ideas for future quilts.  A great way to keep track of your future quilts is to create a design wall.  When a pattern or fabric catches your eye, simply add it to the wall.  The visual reminder will spark your creativity, giving you a format for thinking through your fabric, pattern, and binding choices.  It will also motivate you to finish the current project, since you will be eager to move on to your next project!


Deciding to join the world of quilting is one of the most rewarding choices you will make.  Happy quilting!


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