Making Magic With Half-Square Triangles by Connie Kauffman

When it comes to half-square triangles, many quilters today are familiar with paper products for making them. These products are quick and easy ways to make very accurate triangles, but the biggest drawback when using them is that you have to tear away the paper backing after stitching.

Some half-square triangle blocks can be made using Ta-Da Triangles, a very thin, fusible interfacing with preprinted sewing and cutting lines. The interfacing stays in the finished triangles, thus eliminating the tedious step of having to remove the backing paper before sewing the blocks together. The fusible interfacing is very thin; you won’t even notice it.

The interfacing will not dull your needles, you do not need to decrease your stitch length, and you will not have stitches pulling, which sometimes occurs when tearing off paper foundations. Ta-Da Triangles come in packages to make finished triangles 1/2″ to 6″, and also in combination packages. This product is so fast and easy, I know you will love it!


How to Use Ta-Da triangles

Step 1. Cut the number of half-square triangles needed from the fusible interfacing sheet. Note: It is not necessary to cut out the individual squares from the interfacing. Use the interfacing in strips, squares or rectangles to suit the dimension of your fabric.

Step 2. Cut your fabric pieces slightly larger than the interfacing. Lay your lightest fabric right side down on the ironing board. Next, lay the bumpy side of the fusible interfacing face down on the fabric.


Step 3. Press the interfacing with the iron set to the polyester setting, using a pressing sheet if desired. Press for 8-12 seconds with an up-and-down movement across the fabric (Photo 3).


Step 4. Lay the fused interfacing/ fabric on top of the second fabric, right sides together. Pin the fabric together in the open spaces. Sew along the dotted lines (Photo 4).


Step 5. Using scissors or a ruler and rotary cutter, cut out the half-square triangles on the solid lines.

Step 6. Press the triangles open with the seam allowance toward the darker fabric. Clip any dog ears, and as the company says,  “Ta-Da — you now have purr-fect half-square triangles!”

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