Quilting Patterns for Fall Service Projects

Fall is the perfect time to start up a crafty service project. Whether you are a new student looking to fulfill your service hours for a school club or an active community member seeking to help out a neighbor in need, quilting combines the creative outlet you demand with the community service element you crave. From donations to your local hospital to quilting projects for children’s organizations, here is a list of projects sure to fulfill your service project this fall.

Easy Quilting Patterns for Hospital Donations
No one likes to spend the beautiful fall season cooped up in a hospital bed. Consider bringing some joy to the long-term guests at your local hospital by downloading an easy-start quilting pattern. While our patterns are available for every skill set, the easy-start patterns are a surefire way to crank out multiple quilts, allowing you to spread joy to more hospital patients.

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Download more easy quilt patterns here.

Dress Up the Nursing Home with Quilted Wall Hangings
Nursing home guests love visitors, specifically those who bring gifts! Don’t show up to your next social visit at the nursing home without one of our beautifully quilted wall hangings, sure not only to bring joy to the guests you visit, but also to brighten up the common areas of the nursing home. These beautiful wall hangings are available in a variety of patterns, perfect for any season.

Baby Blankets for the Needy
Homeless shelters always are looking for warm blankets for children, specifically as the weather starts to get chilly. Create a heartfelt gift for the needy children in your community by quilting a treasure from one of our free, downloadable baby quilt patterns. Consider visiting The Baby Blanket Project for specific leads on where to donate.

At the end of the day, quilting will provide you the creative outlet you demand with the heartwarming feeling of knowing you did something good for your community.

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