Our Favorite Patterns for Quilting Winter Whites and Blues

Christmas quilts make beautiful and festive decorations throughout the holiday season but can leave you wondering what to replace them with after New Year’s Day. Quilts crafted with the soft whites and blues of winter will not need to be replaced until the season begins to change to spring. Any of the free winter quilt patterns

Create a Handmade Heirloom in Winter Whites and Blues

Special occasion quilts can become the center of beloved family traditions. Heirloom quilts will never go out of style and will remind you of warm holiday memories. The Tree of Life quilt will look good with blue trees on a clean white background. You can make it a family tree by using various shades of blue to represent each family member. It makes a beautiful way to display your love of your family.

Warm Up This Winter with Cool Colors

On cold winter nights there is nothing as cozy as curling up underneath a warm flannel quilt. A traditional pattern looks good in any color combination but will bring warmth to any winter day when made using the cool blues and whites of winter. The Dominoes quilt can be made in any combination of cool colors you like. It will look beautiful displayed in your house warmly to welcome any guest who walks into your home.

Simple Quilts to Make in White and Blue

For the beginning quilter a large quilt may seem intimidating, but you still want to celebrate using the traditional whites and blues of winter. A door shows warms up your house even before you walk in the door. The Winter Door banner makes a beautiful project for a beginner or a fun weekend project for a more experienced quilter.

Personalize Your Winter Quilts

The magical aspect of creating your own quilt is that you will be using the fabrics and textures you enjoy best. You can take any of the free winter quilt patterns you enjoy and create a unique quilt using the whites and blues that so beautifully celebrate the winter after the holiday season.


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